My passion comes from my love for gifting and sewing, but mostly gifting! I believe that life is meant to be lived, feeling loved and loving others. Gifting gives someone that “you’re so special” feeling and there a few other things that are more unique than a gift with your name on it. special feeling I enjoy the freedom that many clients give me to use my creativity to make gifts that are appreciated by them, the giver, and the recipient.
Having apprenticed under Patricia Mbela, a reknowned Kenyan Fashion Designer, I learnt a lot of skills from the fashion industry. I however came back to my first love, crafting blankets and acquired other skills that are self taughtMany of my skills are self taught,I am a self-taught crafter but I have have gained most of my skills from tutorials, experimenting and learning from many mistakes along the way and learning from others.
I am in charge of the creative design of Khalayi products; and with the help of other skilled and trained individuals by combining hand skills with machinery, we are able to come up with products that our clients are completely satisfied and happy with!